PicsArt MOD APK v25.3.9
(Unlocked premium)

PicsArt MOD APK v25.3.9
(Unlocked Premium)

Making eye-catching photos and videos on a mobile phone is a hassle. In today’s world, everyone wants to make their photo look amazing so they can post on social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

We recommend the best all-in-one PicsArt MOD APK to make your photos and videos more beautiful and creative using their complete editing tools, such as adding filters, effects, stickers, and other unique features.

Let’s explore the exciting and amazing options in PicsArt.

App NamePicsArt Photo Editor
GenresPhoto & Video Editing
DeveloperPicsart Inc.
Size69.9 MB
FeaturesGold Membership Unlocked
UpdatedOne Day Ago
Best editing app with 1 Billion+ downloads

PicsArt is one of the best editing applications available on Google Play Store with 1 Billion+ downloads with 4.0 ranting and 12 Million reviews from all over the world. PicsArt offers both photo and video editing tools. Millions of creators and brands use PicsArt daily to stand out in the market.

It provides various options to edit your photos and videos with a wide range of editing tools. You can create a collage photo, remove and change the background, choose hundreds of customized stickers, apply different effects to your video, and so on.

In the past few years, developers have worked hard to improve user experience and bring new features every week. We have seen so many applications on the internet, but PicsArt is the best application for Android users.

App features multiple versions for Android users and for the best experience, we suggest you have an Android phone with a fast processor so you can enjoy your edit.

The PicsArt AI tools are one of the reasons why the editing community loves PicsArt. It provides better editing features, which we rarely see in Android editing applications. Picture with low quality can be improved using PicsArt features and AI tools.

In a recent update, PicsArt introduced its subscription model, Gold Membership. Users have to pay subscription charges to unlock premium assets. It’s a great package for photo and video editors.

PicsArt MOD APK Banner

PicsArt MOD APK is a modified new version application of PicsArt in which you can enjoy all the Gold Premium version benefits without spending money. You don’t need to watch ads and can access all the premium tools, images, stickers, collages, frames, and stylish fonts for free.

So, you can use these features in editing your photos and videos. Let’s discuss what features you get after downloading on your phone.

Ads Free

Editing is now Ads free in PicsArt MOD APK

The PicsArt MOD APK version is completely Ads-free, so you can focus on editing photos and videos on your Android device. This will help you increase your productivity.

Remove Watermark

Remove Watermark signs from your photos and videos

The PicsArt free version comes with a watermark, which doesn’t look good, With MOD APK you can remove watermark signs from photos and videos.

Photo and Video Editing

Photos and Videos Editing Features offer by PicsArt

In the PicsArt photo and video editing feature you can use different filters and effects, customized stickers, remove unwanted objects, add music to your videos and reels to make them more attractive, blur faces, remove background from your photos, and replace them using PicsArt library or you can choose from the gallery, and many other features that can help you make your photo and video look perfect.

Unlock Gold Premium Asset

Unlocked Premium Assets in MOD version of PicsArt

In PicsArt, To unlocked premium assets you need to buy a Gold premium subscription, however, you can download MOD APK and use all the premium features without any subscription, Edit your photos and videos unlimited times, and access the PicsArt library of stickers, and filters, stylish fonts, effects and so on free of cost.

Background Remover

Remove background from your photos.

Background remover tools help you remove background from photos or replace it with any image in your gallery. PicsArt also provides thousands of different backgrounds you can choose according to your needs.

Edit With Replay

Edit with your recorded editing steps.

This amazing feature helps the editor record their editing steps and apply them to another photo. You can edit your photos using recorded steps.

AI GIF Generator

Type a text and generate GIFs faster using AI GIF Generator

AI GIF Generator is a unique feature introduced by PicsArt, the user can generate GIF images by typing text within a few seconds. It helps editors generate GIFs faster and share them on social media platforms.

User-Friendly Interface

Simple and easy to use interface

PicsArt’s user-friendly interface is very simple and easy to access different features and options in the app, are perfectly designed for both newbies and professional editors.

Dedicated Community

Connect with community members and enhance your editing skills.

PicsArt has built a platform of 150 Million+ community members of editors where they connect with other creators share their ideas, and improve their editing skills.

Batch Editor

Edit multiple photos at the same time in Batch Editor

The batch editor helps users to edit multiple photos at the same time so you don’t need to edit photos separately, Using this tool can help you save a lot of time.

Advance Image Remix

Advance Image Remix cover

PicsArt’s advanced image remix feature revolves around creativity, allowing users to blend and remix multiple images. With the help of intuitive controls and this feature, users can craft visually stunning images effortlessly.

Object Remover

Remove unwanted objects from background easily.

Object remover can eliminate unwanted elements from your photos. The remover tools help erase and enhance user’s images and save time.  The tool provides the ultimate solution for making perfect compositions easily.

AI Generator

Generate artistic effects and transform image in anyway.

The AI Generator feature uses artificial intelligence to generate flawless artistic effects automatically. Now users can transform their images in a way, never before. Users don’t need to manually adjust and take benefit from a range of creative options.

Sticker Maker

Create custom sticker for your images

The sticker maker feature in PicsArt enables users to create custom stickers for their images. Also provides the option to convert elements into reusable stickers, which amplify the user’s personalization in messaging and design.

Collage Maker

Combine multiple photos easily by using Collage Maker.

The collage maker tool enables users to arrange and combine multiple photos smoothly. Make visually pleasant collages and be famous among your friends.

AI Effects and Filters

Add effects and filters automatically.

AI effects and filters automatically enhance and stylize images. It also offers quick options to add creative elements to any photo or video. AI effects and filters make editing easy and help transform a masterpiece.

Drawing Tool

Create digital art use different brushes and colors.

The drawing tool features provide a range of brushes, colors, and precision tools for creating digital art. So, this feature makes art drawing easy for users

Skin Editor

Convert your image into a professional looking photos.

Enhance skin tone in your images with the help of this feature. Convert dull skin tone into perfect facial features. Get the desired skin adjustments and professional-looking images


Make animation with PicsArt.

Take the edge from this feature, add energy to your creations, and make them moving visuals. Make any kind of enchanting animation with PicsArt.

Text Editor

Add stylish and custom text to your images.

Text Editor allows users to add, customize, and stylize text within their photos. PicsArt provides a creative platform for immersive typography and design.

Add Music

Add soundtracks in your video.

Enhance your content with the “Add Music” feature. With this, add soundtracks to your edits and create their next-level visual content.

AI Logo Generator

Generate a amazing and professional Logo using AI Logo Generator.

AI logo generator uses artificial intelligence to create amazing-looking logos. No need to buy logo services because you can create professional logos for your brands and social media pages.

AI Video Generator

Text to video by AI video generator.

AI video generator feature allows users to make videos automatically. Make engaging and creative videos for your social accounts and show them to people around the globe.

AI Writing Assistant

AI Writing assistance helps users correct grammar, content etc.

PicsArt provides users with AI writing assistance for suggestions and corrections. Get help with the AI writing assistant to correct your written content, grammar style, and composition. So, don’t forget to take advantage of a writing assistant.

Convert Photo to Cartoon

Convert photo into unique cartoon.

Transform your ordinary images into unique cartoons with the help of the “photo to cartoon feature.” Make playful and artistic cartoons, adding a touch of visual storytelling. Follow the easy instructions to use.

  • Blur Background
  • Adjust Hair Color & Length
  • Logo creation
  • Retouch
  • Hundreds of Marketing, Social Media, and Event Templates
  • AI Tools
  • AI Enhancer

All unlocked premium features.

Install PicsArt MOD APK

PicsArt Mod APK installation is simple all you need to do is follow the steps and within a few minutes you’ll enjoy the premium version of PicsArt. Before we jump into the installation process, let’s see the device requirements for MOD APK.

Operating SystemAndroid 5.0 and above
ProcessorOcta-core (1.6 GHz) and above
PermissionsLocation, Gallery, Contacts, Camera, Install From Unknown Sources.
StorageMinimum 32GB

NOTE: If you have installed the original version of PicsArt on your device, then uninstall it before installing the MOD version.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Click the download button to download the latest version of PicsArt MOD APK.

Step 1 - Install PicsArt MOD APK

Step 2: Go to the download section on your device and wait until downloading is complete. Click on the APK file and you will see a small pop-up message appear then click on install.

Step 2 - Install PicsArt MOD APK


Go to the file manager, Open the APK folder then Click on PicsArt MOD APK file. A small pop-up message appears click on install and it will start installing.

Step 3: When installation is done open the app and allow access to your gallery so you can edit your photos and videos.

Step 3 - Install PicsArt MOD APK

Step 4: You have successfully installed the latest premium version of PicsArt, use this amazing application to create or edit photos and videos as you wish.

Step 4 - Install PicsArt MOD APK

This is how it looks when you open PicsArt

Create Photo
Create an Account


  • All premium features are available for free, No subscription is required.
  • Weekly updates so you can enjoy new amazing features.
  • A creative community where you share your creativity and collaborate with them.
  • No ads so you can focus on your editing.
  • Hundreds of templates, stickers, fonts, frames, and backgrounds.


  • PicsArt’s original version requires a subscription every month
  • Annoying Ads, can’t focus on work.
  • Limited features.

This app is used for editing photos and videos and is recommended by professional editors.

Yes, it is completely safe to use. We have tested this app and it’s free from viruses, so make sure you have downloaded it from

Yes, the MOD version is free to use and you’ll also get Gold premium features without a subscription.

In the PicsArt app, you need a subscription plan to use premium features, But if you’re using the MOD version then you don’t need to worry about a subscription because the premium features are all unlocked and free to use.

We have uploaded the latest MOD version, make sure you bookmark our site, so whenever PicsArt introduces a new version we will upload its MOD version.

It’s optional, you can edit your photos and videos without signing up.

Yes, you can enjoy editing your photos on Android and PC.

Yes, you can remove the watermark in MOD.

Yes, this article will help you download the PicsArt MOD version on your PC.

We have discussed PicsArt MOD APK features and tools in detail. How you can get access to the premium gold version without paying a subscription. PicsArt is the best option available for newbie and professional editors because of its features, tools, and user-friendly interface.

Now download the app and start editing your photos and videos with free premium features on your Android device.

NOTE: In the upcoming days PicsArt developers will introduce new exciting features, so bookmark our site, and check daily for future updates.

David Blake - Author

David Blake

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