5 Best Photo Editing Apps

Carrying the best camera with you to capture your memorable moments is an adage. Yes, it’s true nowadays, everyone has smart mobile phones with Good Quality Built-in cameras. So it’s a perfect choice to keep a Good, Quality smart mobile with you to capture your golden moments in digital form, which can be retouched by anyone using a different photo editing app.

Here are the 5 best photo editing apps for android

There are a lot of photo editing apps available in the market which are offering amazing, powerful tools and features to retouch your images and give you pro-level results.

Here, we will discuss the 5 best photo editing apps, their main features, and how they work. Let’s discuss one by one.

1. Snapspeed

A powerful photo editing app full of features

Snapseed is also a powerful image editing app that offers a broad range of tools and features to enhance your photos. It is the best for those who are detail-oriented and want a comprehensive fine-tuned of their images. It also offers a huge variety of masking, reshaping, filters, and brushes. You can continue to enjoy the editing without any interruption and unwanted ads. The editing is done in different stacks (layers), and it allows detailed adjustments in colors, lighting, and composition without causing any difficulty. It has everything you need to make your photo a masterpiece.

Snapseed is an excellent app that allows you to work non-destructively; this makes it one of the best photo editing apps for those who need to spend time fine-tuning their pictures. The app is free and it has no premium version.


  • Snapseed is a completely added free mobile app; users can enjoy the editing uninterruptedly.
  • The app is free to use. It’s good for the new users to work and enhance their knowledge without paying any cost.
  • It comes with different professional-grade presets and editing tools, a helpful AI-based tool that works itself to enhance the quality of the image.


  • Snapspeed is considered a user-friendly app but requires a learning process for the user to obtain good results
  • Social network sharing options are not designed as clearly as they could be
  • Not recommended for completely fresh users

2. PicsArt

One of the top editor choice PicsArt Photo Editor with user friendly interface and a lot more features.

PicsArt is the top choice among the most popular photo editing apps. The reason behind that is its user-friendly interface, powerful tools that offer creative control, and a huge variety of beautiful filters. Furthermore, it also allows you to select or create customized Stickers, adjust photos into amazing collages, add text, and share with social media and friends.

The basic version of this app is free but you can face ads pop up frequently while you are in the process of editing images. If you buy a premium version, you can enjoy a lot more with Pro Level Tools and filters and also enjoy a video editor. The annual subscription fee is $55.99. You can also buy a monthly plan for $11.99.


  • Easy to use: anyone who has the basic knowledge can use it easily and enjoy photo editing.
  • The app is user-friendly. Even those who are beginners can use this app and get pro-level results.
  • Both Mobile version apps and web-based access are given to users for their convenience to enjoy uninterrupted editing with or without having an internet connection.


  • There are limited features available for free use; also, the collection of templates and images is very low in numbers.
  • The entire or premium version of this app is not free; the user has to pay a certain amount to access complete features.
  • It’s a basic version of editing the videos. That’s the reason it has limited elements and fewer features for video editing.

3. Pixlr

Here is another most downloaded photo editor Pixlr both for professional and beginners.

Pixlr is another most-wanted photo editing app. It caters to both casual and professional seekers who require a quick and effective way to enhance the quality of their images. Pixlr mainly offers features similar to desktop editing and photo editing software. It makes it a popular choice among people to obtain pro-level results without having expensive software.

You can also obtain a premium version with an annual subscription of $11.99 and also get a monthly Subscription of $1.99. enjoy uninterrupted editing with the premium version and can play a lot more content (fonts, stickers, borders, and overlays). Make your dream photography in real life and have fun.


  • It comes up with a broad range of editing options.
  • It can”save” your work history not only within the browser but also keep it in your file as well.
  • It has a large number of template databases with free background images.
  • It has a huge variety of fonts.


  • Different ads reflect during the editing work which destruct and draw attention from the editing.
  • Has Fewer keyboard shortcut keys, which restricts the user from performing work quickly.
  • The quality of video editing is not as good as top-rated apps.

4. Adobe Photoshop Camera

One of the best photo editing tool Adobe Photoshop, No. 1 choice.

Adobe Photoshop camera, a new Adobe photographic tool that lets you take incredible pictures by using your Android device. This is designed with an impressive tool and a bunch of filters. The community designs the majority of them.

The best part of Adobe Photoshop is the simple interface, it doesn’t have a bunch of elements that distract the user’s attention while using this app. The image capture button is placed at the bottom of the screen, and downloaded lenses and filters are just underneath. You can explore and download more packages from the store as per your need.

No matter if you take an image from the internal camera or from the back lens your device can adjust the setting according to the light and give you fine and realistic results. It has a specific design for each selfie or any food picture to provide a new and fresh visual aspect of the image.

Also, this app is compatible with Adobe Lightroom and Google Photos, which enables users to increase their editing possibilities. Adobe Photoshop camera ranked among the top photo editing apps to enhance the visual aspect of your images.


  • You can choose a different lens and edit the photo as per your choice, even after live photos are taken from the mobile camera.
  • It allows you to add or remove backgrounds by using some specific lens effects.
  • No Photoshop experience is required to work with Adobe Photoshop Camera.


  • Offers limited and tricky editing.
  • Runs many processes in the background, hence decreasing computer performance.
  • The lenses get old in short times.

5. Face Tune

Best Photo Editor offers different effects and filters to users to make their face look beautiful.

FaceTune, as the name suggests, is an app that is typically designed to fine-tune faces. It allows users to create such types of effects and filters to look like the desired results. You can add, change color, or even change the tone of your hair by darkening or sharpening it. You can also use effects to refresh your tired-looking eyes.

It has the AI Selfie generator feature as well, which allows people to modify their selfies, and you can even create ghostly images. You can also tune your face after taking the photo by adding some pretty makeup and making your selfie your choice.


  • A lot of features for Selfie editing.
  • AI tools that allow you to modify your facial look.
  • Retouch your face by adding makeup.


  • Designed only for selfies.
  • It can create unrealistic beauty images that someone may not have.
  • Unethical in a way that it can hide the true appearance of the user.

Since the basic version of apps is free, it is strongly recommended that you try them and give them a chance to work with them and get refined results. You can also go for the pro or premium version if you need it. But on the other hand, you can find a suitable replacement for an expensive subscription with a little more effort and get a fine job free of cost.

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