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In the digital era, countless applications are arriving in the market that are litigated to provide the best photo and video editing for iOS. But when the user downloads the app, it may lead to or cause any other error, or the image results after editing may not fulfill the user’s desires. In this situation, the PicsArt app comes up as a rescue for users with its brilliant and convenient features.

PicsArt for iOS provides professional stunning results for their users with multiple advances and additional features. Various tools, filters, and artist communities add more charm to your editing style experience. Let’s blow the gaff more about this creative visual storytelling app.

NamePicsart AI Photo Video Editor
CompatibilityiPad, iPhone, iOS 14.0 & up
Size251 MB
MOD FeaturesNo Ads/ No Watermark
DeveloperPicsArt Inc.
Apple StoreApple
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  •  More essential bug fixes
  •  Artistic journey without frustration
PicsArt features list in iOS

PicsArt presents the latest version, for iOS, iPhone, and PicsArt for iPad users with multiple functionalities. The user-friendly connection paves the way for users of all professional editing needs. To your surprise, it gives mind-blowing features with a fascinating visual quality background that you can’t get anywhere else. So, explore more about the latest iOS features.

Magic Effects & Filters

Add magic effects and filters

PicsArt for iPhone, and iPad an astounding editing app, emphasizes more on before & after effects and filters. Many built-in filters and effects can be reachable in the application. Select your desired effect and apply it directly to your image. Users can effortlessly apply magical enhancements to their photos and make them a masterpiece. It unleashes the creativity of users with blending modes like lighter, darker, normal, and multiple for more amazing enhancing results.

AI Tool Effects

Enhance your creativity by using AI Tool Effects.

AI (artificial intelligence) tools in PicsArt provide users with advanced capabilities to enhance and manipulate their images. With the help of AI tools like object selection, automatic background removal, and various AI effects, users can turn their dull images into stunning ones.

Creative Drawing Tools

Try this Creative Drawing Tool

If you want to be creative and more skillful in the photography field, then you must try this feature. Creative drawing tools allow users to sketch, paint, and create different art creations. There are 20 brush types reachable in PicsArt that give an immersive art experience.

In the PicsArt premium APK for iOS, customization of brush sizes is also available. Make custom changes in opacity and color to attain the ideal look. Overall, this feature allows you to express your imagination with drawing.

Remove Unwanted Clutter

Remove unwanted clutter from your image.

If you experience unwanted clutter in your images, then there is no need to worry. Remove any object or unpleasant people from the background while using the remove object tool. With just a single click, get rid of the whole background scene for a backdrop free in PicsArt for iOS.

Easy Profile Surface

Be creative and build a profile portfolio and share your artwork with other creators.

Thanks to PicsArt for the intuitive surface, which makes it easier to build a profile portfolio. Be creative, share your artwork with others, and increase your profile reach with some tactics. Tell about yourself and your skills around the globe in the About section to make your work known to people. Use a cover image to attract people who want editing-related work.

Square Fit Tool

Convert your image into Instagram square format,

PicsArt for iOS, iPhone, and iPad users can take their editing experience to a superior level by sharing their content directly on Instagram. It’s all possible with the square fit tool, allowing you to convert your images into Instagram square format. So, take advantage of this easy-to-use feature today.

Tilt-Shift Tool

Blur the selected area by using tilt-shift tool.

The tilt-shift tool is here to astound you with its professional photography proficiency. With the help of the tilt-shift tool, anyone can precisely make selected areas blur while keeping other parts sharpened. Besides this, you can adjust the intensity of blur and experiment with various shapes to achieve visually striking results. So, try this on various landscape photos and develop more versatile and professional results.

Explore incredible additional features of the PicsArt app for iPhone down below:

Some AI Powered features

To use all these unique features, check your iPhone and iPad compatibility first; here we are providing information about that down below:

iPhone 14.0 or later

iPhone also 14.0 or later

Macbook 11.0 or later

Download PicsArt for iOS - banner

Follow the below easy & quick steps to download the latest version.


Tap on the “Download Button” from your iPhone or iPad.


Click Install and the app will start downloading.


Wait a moment until it completes.


Now you are ready to enjoy this stunning app.


  • AI-powered Draw tools
  •  Magical before & after effects
  • Easy sharing
  • Blur and sharpen effects
  • Updated version


  • Some minor difficulties in editing
  • The simple APK version contains Ads
  • Large App size

Yes, download it from our offered link or the App Store. It is fully safe for iOS devices.

Of course, you can use PicsArt for iOS (iPhone) free, but some features are premium, and you need to buy a subscription.

Yes, you can use it without login, but the best option is to login through your account so that each premium feature is reachable to you.

Yes, it is interruption-free; now, enjoy editing features without distortion.

PicsArt provides a huge artist community in which you can be a member and share your creative designs with other fellows and take ideas from their designs. It is the best opportunity for learning through tutorials.

PicsArt is a user-friendly, engrossing app that provides a wide range of features that make your iPhone and iPad selfies enticing. Now, feel hassle-free while finding an enchanting app for your iPhone. We are offering PicsArt for iOS APK without advertisement fuss, which makes it further engaging for users. For the interested users, it is completely worthwhile and systematic. Because of these facts, it is strongly

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