PicsArt vs Pixlr – Which One Is Better?

In today’s digital era, many apps provide copious editing tools, presets, and advanced features. Photo editing and logo designing are much easier with these apps. But do you need clarification on choosing the right one? And it would help if you had guidance regarding the two most popular apps.

For that reason, we will compare PicsArt vs Pixlr, two remarkable applications, and their features, editing tools, user interface, and other aspects in detail. Moreover, a comparison of the pros and cons of both applications helps you better select the correct one for your editing projects.

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Today, we provide a complete solution to your confusion about selecting a 4k editing quality app that performs better for your editing presentations. So, let’s compare PicsArt vs Pixlr with their latest advanced features without wasting time.

PicsArt is a very famous mobile app and vibrant community-driven platform that supports automatic face detection and more creative editing tools that utilize artificial intelligence. Also, you can remove any specific thing from the background smoothly.

Here at PicsArt, make use of an extensive library of stickers, filters, and effects to add a magical touch to your images and projects. Besides this, it offers robust editing capabilities with an intuitive interface including layers and blending modes.

In contrast, Pixlr is an amazing web-based solution that offers a traditional editing experience. Pixlr mainly focuses on simplicity and functionality. It is professional software with powerful editing tools and features. Online image editing is much easier with its robust features and flexibility.

User Interface of PicsArt

PicsArt offers an accurate and smooth interface for users, which makes it an ideal editing app for creativity. Easy navigation in the app helps to find features and other icons in a hassle-free way. So, with the PicsArt user-friendly interface, use any of the AI tools, effects, filters, and many more features comfortably.

User Interface of Pixlr

On the other hand, Pixlr also offers a friendly interface, but it takes a lot of work for beginners because it covers all advanced tools and professional editing. However, beginners can learn and boost their editing skills with this app. If you are a learner in the photography field, you can experiment with Pixlr.

Filters & Effects

Add Filters & Effects to your photos in PicsArt

What I like most about PicsArt is that you can use different effects like artistic, blur, pop art, paper, distortion, and more. Erasing some specific elements from the background or selected area is now easier with an eraser tool.

The HDR adjustments are also supportive in the app. With the help of HDR effects, make specific areas of your images brighter or darker. Here, you can also use the tilt-shift tool to create a diorama effect on the image. The tool creates a blurrier impact in some areas to make it more charming.

Add Filters & Effects to your photos in Pixlr

Pixlr also helps apply different effects and styles in no time. Pick any style, from sketch, pencil, poster, Polly, and more. Moreover, you can easily edit with the effects like vintage, creative, subtle, unicolor, and more.

Without effort, customize the effects and delete them with the eraser option. You can also apply various overlays like bubble, metal, burn, glaze, and more effects to make your images stunning.

Useful Templates

1000s of free Useful Templates provided by PicsArt

PicsArt provides free, convenient templates for its users. Create eye-catching posts for social media, design invitations, and stunning collages. The most satisfying thing about this feature is that you can customize the templates by adding your images, graphics, and text.

Choose useful templates according to your needs - Pixlr

With the Pixlr in-built templates, you can create stunning Instagram stories, Thumbnails, and Facebook posts. Besides, make professional resumes, presentations, Business cards, and invitations for any occasion. Choose a template and brilliantly change the fonts and colors in it.

Amazing Collages

Create amazing collage of 2 grid, 3 grid and so on in PicsArt

PicsArt allows users to create amazing collages by choosing photos, frames, and customized shapes. It also has the availability of collage templates. Users can further edit it by selecting the background color and also add pictures. Collage templates in PicsArt are further divided into subcategories, such as fashion, wedding, family, holiday, etc. Users can further refine them by applying multiple effects, filters, Fonts, Stickers, and brushes.

Select a photos to create an amazing collage in Pixlr

Creating a photo collage in Pixlr is a wonderful and quite easy experience for the user. With the help of its user-friendly interface, templates, and variety of built-in tools, it helps the user to arrange a set of photos in a unique way to show the complete virtual story to the viewer. pixel collage offers the user a seamless platform that empowers the user to create an imaginary vision in the shape of stunning collages. Users can apply different types of filters, background colors of their own choice, brightness and contrast adjustments, and many more.

Batch Work

Edit multiple photos one time in PicsArt batch work

PicsArt allows users to edit multiple images at a single time. Enlargement of the photo and editing the background can also be possible in Batch work. 

Select photos and edit them all at the same time in Pixlr

Pixlr also offers a Batch editing feature in its Pixlr X and Pixlr E versions, but users may have to visit an online service to edit multiple photos in one go. Users need to add multiple images to the app interface from the list of tools available in the menu. You can easily retouch the photo and get the desired results in batch.

Access more features in PicsArt by upgrading your account

PicsArt has a free basic version with limited access to tools and filters. The user has access to over 100 fonts, different stickers, various templates, and many stock photos. The paid version costs $5 per month and offers advanced photo and video options, more than 1000 built-in fonts and templates, and more than two million HD Stock photos. Users also enjoy editing and saving in High-resolution photos without having watermark signs.

Our team has reviewed the PicsArt MOD version in which you can get access to all the premium features for free.

Upgrade and get access to all premium features and tools - Pixlr

The basic version of Pixlr is free, with limited access to a set of tools. But if users want a pro-level editing tool, then they should go for Pixlr X and E, which offers a standard editing set of tools and a huge collection of stickers and overlays. The user has to pay an additional cost of $4.90 monthly for the Pixlr premium subscription plan.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to work for beginners
  • The app is available for mobile devices
  • The batch work option is available


  • Limited templates and images for free
  • Paid app for pro-level 
  • Limited elements for video editing


  • User-friendly photo editing
  • Auto fix feature of Brightness and Contrast
  • Redeye effect tools that take Pixlr to the next level
  • Variety of built-in tools


  • No real-time editing and recommendations of filters or presets
  • Manual photo editing app
  • The batch work option is not available

We compare PicsArt vs Pixlr to help you choose the convenient app as a beginner or professional. PicsArt has a huge variety of powerful features that help the user to choose it as preferable with simple photo editing and multimedia projects. It is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate, even beginners and all skill level can edit their presentations and other project easily.

Besides this, Pixlr also supports AI tools, such as web-based software. Pixlr is good for professionals or those who need quick and efficient edits with a professional look. We highly recommend PicsArt because it has all the features and tools required for professional and beginner-level editing.

David Blake - Author

David Blake

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