PicsArt vs Capcut – Which One Is Better? 2024

In the realm of social media content creation, users take the edge from photo and video editing applications but find it arduous to select the equitable app. For that reason, in this article, we will spill the beans about two magnificent apps PicsArt vs Capcut, and their features and creative aspects. They are contributing a diversity of features to amplify and control visual content.

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PicsArt emerges as a creative platform, offering comprehensive tools for photo editing and artistic look. Also provides a user-friendly interface, with capacious filters and effects and a wide array of adjustment options.

Not only offers drawing and painting tools, but also collage makers for the edited pictures. For the learning purpose of editing, a vibrant community is accessible for collaborations. For rising photographers and creative digital artists, it is the best choice.

On the other hand, Capcut as a powerful video editor app provides simple and efficient features. With the help of an intuitive interface, it offers vast features for video editing like cutting, trimming, and the option for adding music.

Of course, it also utilizes AI technology for the fast and advanced level of video editing. With the help of AI, Capcut introduces modish filters and effects that enhance the video visual nicely.

Video Editor

Video editing with various editing features

PicsArt offers exhaustive adjustment functions for video editing needs. In the app, users get access to various video features like cutting, trimming, and splicing tools. Besides this, for the creative enhancements on videos, it provides a vast library of effects, filters, stickers, text overlays, slideshows, animated GIFs, and slow-motion video clips.

Photo Editing Tools

Modify your image by using PicsArt editing tool.

If you want to modify your ordinary images into charming and visually conspicuous then don’t forget to try PicsArt editing tools. As already mentioned, it offers an extensive range of filters and effects like blur background, blur face, and remove background with advanced adjustments to enhance color balance, saturation, and contrast. For professional-grade editing, introduce feasible tools for expeditious enhancements.

Stickers and Cliparts

PicsArt library of stickers and clip art.

PicsArt prefers the creative experience with the commodious library of stickers and clip art. Users can add frisky and customizable aspects to visual content. In PicsArt, users can choose a varied collection of trendy, thematic, and whimsical stickers for their images. These stickers are easy to unify and balance. Besides this, users also be able to add quirky emojis, decorative elements, and themed cliparts.

Drawing and Painting

Use drawing tool and make creative digital art piece.

PicsArt is a vast platform for digital artists with its drawing and painting tools. This feature surpasses traditional photo editing, allowing users to create digital art directly within the app. Furthermore, manifold options of brushes and customization for layers and blending modes. The seamless integration of sketching, painting, and detailed illustration, allows users to create a digital art piece.

Social Community

Engaging community to connect and share creativity, PicsArt Social Community

PicsArt not only helps in powerful photo editing but also cultivates a vibrant and engaging community. The social community feature allows users to connect with other master photographers and take inspiration from their art creations. PicsArt also enables users to collaborate on projects,  find trending content, and take part in challenges.

Intuitive Video Editing

User-friendly interface with multiple editing features

Capcut is very proficient in providing a video editing experience. With the application’s user-friendly interface, everyone can get a wide range of tools such as cutting, trimming, and consistently merging clips. With multiple video editing functionalities, Capcut is a creative platform. Video editing feature, allowing users to create visually intriguing videos, you can add transitions and music to any of your videos.

AI-Powered Effects

AI-Powered Effects boost your video quality.

Capcut deploys the power of artificial intelligence to boost the visual quality of videos. With AI-powered effects, Capcut enhances color grading and dynamic filters. Users can create visually appealing videos with smart AI effects and filters. These capabilities enable users to achieve high-quality results without any expertise and effort.

Music and Sound Integration

Enhance your video editing experience by integrating music.

With this feature, users can enhance their video editing experience by consistently integrating music and soundtracks. For the relief of users, Capcut offers a vast music library. That allows users to discover flawless soundtracks to add a finishing touch to their videos. Capcut music and sound integration provide a strong tool for engaging and immersive videos.

Easy Sharing Option

Share your creativity on different planforms.

Capcut provides an easy sharing option for your edited content on social platforms. Users can share their content creation instantly on various platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and more, without any annoyance. It emphasizes easy social media integration to increase the reach and impact of their content.

Text and Emoji Overlay

Add text, subtitles and emoji in your video.

Capcut helps enhance users’ creativity through its amazing text and emoji overlay feature. With the help of this feature, they can add text, subtitles, and emojis to the video frames without any hassle.

PicsArt offers free-to-use features with some limited features. Monthly subscription charges are $8.99 and users can also choose a yearly plan with $47.88 charges. Those who run small businesses or freelancers can also get a team plan for $5.99 monthly.

Capcut offers a large number of video editing features, which are so powerful that users can easily enhance their video quality. Users can get a subscription for $7.99 monthly. Moreover, a one-month pro subscription for $9.99 and also 4-month pro subscription for $55.90.


  • Easy-to-use options of features
  • Extensive library for users
  • Sharing ability on social platforms
  • AI-powered effects for editing
  • Mobile-friendly for users


  • Less features on the free version
  • Interrupted with ads
  • Logo added on edited photos


  • Capcut is accessible free for users
  • Spacious features for video editing and content improvement
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Vast template and presets
  • High-quality video-resolution


  • Watermark included in free version
  • Some features are paid
  • Specific locations may not get some features

Choosing between PicsArt vs Capcut relies on the particular demands and preferences of the users. PicsArt excels in flexible photo editing and artistic manner, which makes it an excellent choice for static visual content seekers.

On the other hand, Capcut is full of video editing features revolving around creating engaging and shareable videos. Both PicsArt vs Capcut contribute their vast editing features for digital content creation. PicsArt is recommended because it offers both photo and video editing options for freelancers, small businesses, and social media managers in one place.

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