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Tired of searching for a good editing app for a PC? You also want to try photography software with additional features because the other apps are not able to fulfill your purposes. So, Today, you will get to know about the mind-blowing photography editing app “PicsArt.”

PicsArt For PC offers users a flexible spot to indicate themselves with creative and visually incredible designs. PicsArt editing software offers stunning features that you never get before. Read the complete article and find the simplified way to install PicsArt for PC

OSWindows 10 version or higher
Architecturex86, x64 Arm, or Arm64
DirectX WindowsVersion 11
Memory300 MB, and 750 MB
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PicsArt APK is an AI-powered creative editing software that not only provides you with an efficient and powerful editing service but also unleashes your digital creativity. PicsArt is not only for professionals but also for creative people around the world.

Moreover, some additional tools, like templates, curves, masks, and many more, can only be reachable in the PC version. To your surprise, this software opens up new opportunities for users who prefer powerful editing capabilities.

  • Multi-project management
  • More AI tools
  • New & Unique Fonts
  • Portfolio sharing option
PicsArt Desktop Features list.

PicsArt has made its way on the larger canvas of desktops, also introducing superb features to meet the demands of PC users. With its intuitive surface and tons of tools, PicsArt introduces smart capabilities for users. Let’s shed some light on the desktop features that you never got before.

Advanced Editing for Creatives

Boost your creativity by PicsArt desktop

Even if you are looking for the best editing tools for your small business or boosting your creativity, the PicsArt desktop version fulfills users’ creative needs. Moreover, while using advanced options, users can edit their images and videos without wasting time.

More Templates Designs

Use templates to design for Ads, Presentations and more

Use PicsArt-provided templates to enhance your design elegantly. Whether users are designing their assets or presentations, advanced templates offer a reliable experience. Even real-estate ads can be designable through precious template options. Windows Users utilize over 1000 templates without any designing experience.

Touch Screen Support

Touch Screen Support

PicsArt for Windows, Providing advanced support for pen and touch screen users. Also, the app enhances its support for touchscreen window devices so that users create exactness in their design sense.

Easily Accessible Collage Presets

Best variety of collage presets.

PicsArt, a photography editing app, elevates dozens of easy-to-apply presets. If we talk about horizontal and broken glass layouts, PicsArt provides the best variety. Users can choose standard 4-image layouts for imaginative, fun activities.

Make Creative Pin Designs

Create pins

While using this option, PicsArt users can create marvelous pins for any purpose. Elevate the look of your designs with 100+ filters. It also adds vibrant colors, precise shadows, and cool & warm tones. PicsArt, making every pin unique and expressive.

Desktop Editing Tools

Desktop Editing tools

Start your journey in the photography editing field by getting a grip on the editing tools. Many desktop advance tools include:

  • Group items in the folder
  • Library items
  • Vector Tools
  • Masks selection
  • Desktop presets
Unleash your creativity and make a beautiful art piece.

PicsArt offers a features platform for unleashing users’ creativity. Make an art piece, invite your friends & show them your creative abilities. With PicsArt, bring your edits to life with Windows editing software.

Wide Range of Capabilities

PicsArt for Windows comes with diverse capabilities and carries extensive digital creativity. Besides this, this app is designed to be compatible with Windows operating systems.

Manageable Software Integration

PicsArt is a manageable software integration that allows users to seamlessly organize their creative projects into various workflows. Windows tools are often compatible with other programs.

Fast & Energetic Editing

Windows-based systems are powered with high processors and plenty of RAM so that users get Fast and efficient editing.

Stickers and Drawing Tools

The extensive sticker library and playful emojis provide an expressive way to enhance visual storytelling. Moreover, with the help of drawing tools, users can add several elements to their images and share them with their friends.

Install PicsArt PC Version

The PicsArt app is now easily accessible on the Microsoft Store. If you have an app like PicsArt on your computer it is just like a piece of cake. Follow the below steps and gain the benefits of a unique, presentable editor without Emulators.

Step no 1

Step 1: Firstly, type Microsoft App in the search bar, and click on Microsoft Apps.

Step no 2

Step 2: In the search option, type PicsArt app, and click on Picsart Photo Editor.

Step no 3

Step 3: Thirdly, by clicking on the download button, get the PC version.

Step No 4

Step 4: Click on Get, and PicsArt will install without any hustle.

Now, desktop users take advantage of all the presets and templates from the library store.

Optional: Go directly to the PicsArt downloading page.


  • High-resolution surface
  • A quick photo and video creation
  • Various presentable templates
  • Safe and secure
  • Free version


  • Require internet connection
  • Some templates are paid
  • Limited video editing resources

Yes! You can access it from on the top link button and get unlimited features.

Yes! Once you get a subscription, it can be usable on PC and mobile, as well as iOS users.

Sure! PicsArt allows users to import RAW image files and edit them for high quality.

You will access all quick updates from our website.

No! You do not need to sign up for this purpose, PicsArt is free for use.

PicsArt for PC is a superb working app that fulfills users’ all editing needs. PicsArt APK is the best photo & video editor since sliced bread. By downloading and testing this app, it is highly recommended from our side. In short, it’s an AI-generated editor that makes your images with lush visual effects. Also, you can find free apps like this anywhere.

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