PicsArt vs Procreate – Which One Is Better?

Many Applications are used in our Daily Lives for Photo Editing, Logo Design, Advanced Image Filters, Presets, and Mobile Image Editing in HD 4K Quality. But there is a Problem: which is the best editing application for Android phones?  Choosing the correct editing application for your projects is very important and fits all your needs. 

From my experience and research, I found the two best editing applications, PicsArt and Procreate. I will compare PicsArt vs Procreate so that you can understand each software in depth. I will explain everything about these two software in this research article, including the pros and cons for you.

Let’s dive into the in-depth comparison research between Picsart vs Procreate without wasting a single penny of your time. You can easily download the latest software version from my official site above.

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Here, I will compare these two popular editing applications to understand better before downloading the software for your editing projects on Android and PC Desktop.

  • PicsArt
  • Procreate
Innovative Graphic Design and Photo Editing App - PicsArt

Picsart is a famous free Android application that allows you to edit all your Android phone editing needs, make logos, remove backgrounds, blur faces, add filters & effects, create social media posts, and complete all your graphic design projects in one editing software. PicsArt is famous for its easy-to-use timeline and AI features in the app. After the app’s recent update, you can edit all your photos with just one click using AI.

Here are some of the main features of the PicsArt application to help you understand its features very well before downloading the application.

You get theses features in PicsArt apk
  • Ads Free 
  • No watermark
  • Remixing Tool
  • Remove Background
  • Add Stickers & Text

When I was using the PicsArt, I suddenly experienced a Gold Subscription of the PicsArt, and I was using these fantastic features in the Gold Plan Only. I have listed these extra features for you here:

  • Batch Editor
  • AI GIF Generator
  • Brush and drawing features
  • Change your skin color
  • Remove unwanted objects

If you want to download the PicsArt premium free on your Android phone without hesitation, follow these simple steps, and boom, you have downloaded the latest version, which is 100% free.


First, download the APK from our official site.


Then open it and click on Download. 


Click install and if it asks for Unknown Source, go to app settings and permission, then Turn on the Unknown Source option.


When installation is done, turn off your internet connection first.


After all the steps, open the PicsArt and enjoy all the premium features.

In my editing journey using PicsArt, I found this App unique, but unfortunately, this software has some Pros and Cons that I have listed below for you:


  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Premium Unlocked
  • No Watermark
  • All in one Editing App
  • Provides Free Trial
  • 50% Discount for Students


  • Need More Free Space
  • Basics Version have Ads
  • Requires Internet Connection on the PC version

Procreate is a haven for creative souls, offering a platform where professionals can effortlessly weave their digital sketches and illustrations. Within its realm, artists discover the Animation Assist tool, a magical feature that captures every stroke, transforming them into a captivating time-lapse clip—a treasure trove for future inspiration.

Procreate, A great tool for illustrations and digital sketches.

Procreate is fantastic software for people with creative minds. Here, graphic designers sculpt their brushes, molding textures and effects to match the contours of their imagination. Procreate looks like an illustrator with features for textures, brushes, and paints. We can call this software an illustrator replica.

What truly sets Procreate aglow is its versatility. Designers can wield the power to transform text styles, sprinkle typography across their masterpieces, and even summon custom fonts from the depths of their creativity.

Here are some of the main features of the Procreate Application to help you understand its features very well before downloading the application.

Few Features of Procreate
  • Add Text & Drawing
  • Use Brushes to Help You Paint
  • Over 250 Levels of Undo and Autosave
  • Unlimited Canvas Design
  • Design Characters
  • illustration Process

Here is the editing software Procreate pricing that you can check before using or purchasing its premium subscription.

  • Starting price: $9.99 one time
  • Free trial: Not Available
  • Free version: Not Available

When downloading the Procreate software and using it for my projects, here are the main steps for downloading the application.


In the first step, you must find the “Download APK” button.


If your APK is causing the issue when installing on your device, go to settings and turn on the “Unknown sources” option in the device’s settings.


After following all the steps I listed below, sit back and wait for the complete installation process to be done.


Once the installations are done, open the app and enjoy the latest features when the installation is complete.

When I went to download this software to test this for you for better understanding, I found some extra pros and cons in the Software that I listed below:


  • Powerful Features
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Animation Assist
  • Customization Options


  • Limited Platform Availability
  • Subscription Model
  • Only Supports Own File Compatibility
  • Limited Text Editing
  • No Free Trial

In the Detailed Article of Comparision PicsArt vs Procreate, I will cover both software features and advantages with disadvantages. PicsArt vs Procreate are both the best editing applications for Android Phones. PicsArt provides all editing features like logo and banner design with AI photo editing. PicsArt is my personally recommended photo editing and graphics design software. You must install this application to use in your projects.

On the other hand,  Procreate is also an editing application, but its features are paid, and it does not provide a free trial. For your editing projects, I recommend PicsArt because this app offers a free trial and editing features without a watermark. Download it today and enjoy your editing like a pro.

David Blake - Author

David Blake

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