How to Get PicsArt Gold For Free

Didn’t you wish to create refined and pro-level content from PicsArt but feel restricted by the limitations of the free version? Do not worry—PicsArt Gold offers all the advanced and premium-level tools.

Suppose you want to enjoy the advanced tools in PicsArt like AI background removal, editable templates, newly updated fonts, stickers, collages, etc. In that case, PicsArt Gold APK offers you all in one not only to boost your skills but also provides an opportunity to enhance the visual quality of your content.

Get PicsArt Gold for Free

Please stay connected, we will discuss a lot more about how to get PicsArt Gold for free. A detailed knowledge with pro-level tips is shared below.

PicsArt offers three plans. The first plan is free and offers its users free control of its advanced tools. The other two plans Gold and Team, Both plans are paid with a 7-day free trial to its users. The Gold Subscription fee is $5 per month or $60 annually. It has advanced and powerful editing features that users can enjoy while using its premium plan.

It also offers free access to its most advanced tools, such as AI Background removal, Filters, Effects, Stickers, Drawing tools, and priority customer support. The premium gold version gives your projects a pro-level look with the help of an official content library. Moreover, you can join and enjoy the PicsArt community to share your fruitful ideas and personal experiences with cloud storage for different projects.

Ads Free

PicsArt gold version is ads free so you can edit your photos and videos without distraction

PicsArt Gold is a premium version; it’s exciting for you to enjoy uninterrupted work while using this Gold version of PicsArt.

Million of Built-In Images

PicsArt gold library has millions of images available which you can customize according to your needs.

PicsArt Gold has a variety of images saved in its library. More than 20 million images are available that can be easily accessible and customizable according to needs. Images are saved in different categories like Fashion, Beauty, Nature, Sketches, Backgrounds, Business, events, celebrations, etc., and then further divided into subcategories. You can easily search for your desired image by typing the image name into the library’s search bar.

Easy Access on Mobile and Web

Access PicsArt gold on mobile and web anywhere

Unlike other Apps, you can access PicsArt Gold APK on mobile and the web. You can use PicsArt Gold for free on the web anywhere and enjoy the full features on your smartphone or PC.

Advanced Tools for Photo and Video Editing

PicsArt Photo and video editing tool

PicsArt Gold gives a variety of creativity to its users with unlimited advanced features. Not only does it offer photo editing, but you can also go for video editing and get the perfect and out-class results for your video projects. It has an amazing and exciting Video Content creator that helps you to give a unique and next-level look.

Without Watermark

PicsArt Gold allows you to remove watermark.

PicsArt Gold APK allows you to work without facing a watermark problem. You can easily save, download, and further share photos and videos hassle-free. Also, you can add the company logo of your brand as your choice.

Cloud Storage Wallet

Secure and large cloud storage of PicsArt

PicsArt Gold offers a Secure wallet and larger Cloud storage for creative projects. The data is kept in safe custody and can be accessible from any device and anywhere by following the link.

A Dedicated Customer Support Team

If you face any problem then contact with PicsArt dedicated support team

PicsArt Gold APK not only offers advanced tools but also provides the best Customer Support. A dedicated support team is available to promptly answer and provide you with the best possible solution to all your queries. It will ensure you enjoy high-quality photo and video editing without compromising the quality.

How to Subscribe for the PicsArt Gold for free?

You can subscribe to and use the PicsArt Gold version from the Official PicsArt website by following a few simple tasks. You can also use the mobile App to acquire the PicsArt Gold features. 

Get help from a step-by-step guide to downloading and installing PicsArt.


forever use the latest version of the Picsart to enjoy the latest features of the App.

Method 01:

PicsArt Gold Subscription From the website

Visit PicsArt official website


Go to the PicsArt official website.

Select the plan you want monthly or yearly.


You need to select the Plan Gold premium.

Put your details and choose payment method


Please Enter your Details (Credentials) and choose the Payment method.

Click on install button and download PicsArt in your device


Once complete, click on the install button to Download PicsArt to the device.

After installing the app, you can enjoy the Gold features of PicsArt.

Method 02:

PicsArt Gold Subscription From the App

Following are the simple steps to subscribe to PicsArt Gold for free by using the mobile App.

Search for PicsArt app in search bar of Google Play Store from your mobile device


Open the Play Store of your mobile device and please search for the App PicsArt APK from the top search bar.

Click install and download the app


Please tap on the Install button in the PicsArt APK app.

Choose a plan and enter your details and payment details and click start free trail


After installation, please select your desired premium plan, PicsArt Gold, and then enter your personal credentials and payment details.

Start using PicsArt gold premium features and edit your photos and videos.


All done and completed! Open the App from your device and enjoy the Premium Features and unlimited edits.


PicsArt offers free trials for seven days. You can enjoy the premium features for up to seven days. After using the free trial period, you will be automatically charged. You can cancel the Subscription anytime.

PicsArt offers free trials for seven days in every premium plan so you can enjoy gold features.

How To Cancel the Gold Subscription of PicsArt APK?

You can cancel your premium subscription to PicsArt at any time. Below is the complete guide for canceling the gold Subscription.


Go to the official website of PicsArt.


Log into the PicsArt account with your given email.


Now click on “Billing and Subscription”


and then click on the Cancel the Subscription.


You can only cancel the Subscription using the email you provided when purchasing it; any other email will not work.


Open the PicsArt app on your smart mobile device.


Now Click on the navigation bar.


Scroll down and then click on the subscription option. It will be redirected to the Google Play Store.


Select the active Subscription of PicsArt and then tap to Cancel it.

Premium Subscription is cancelled now.

Can I get a Refund for the cancellation of the PicsArt Gold Premium Subscription?

Once you subscribe to the Premium version of PicsArt, you will be charged for it. Currently, PicsArt does not have a refund policy for its users, so you cannot get a refund of your subscription fee upon cancellation.

The good point is that you can easily subscribe and cancel the premium features at any time.

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